Disney YouTubers Accused Of Visiting Park With COVID Symptoms And Returning Next Day

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Jul 2020 17:44
Disney YouTubers Accused Of Visiting Park With COVID Symptoms And Returning Next Day Sent Death ThreatsDisney YouTubers Accused Of Visiting Park With COVID Symptoms And Returning Next Day Sent Death ThreatsThat Crazy Disney Lady/YouTube

A YouTuber and her friend have faced a widespread backlash, and even death threats, after posting footage of an apparent allergic reaction during a visit to the newly reopened Disney World, Florida.


YouTuber Tonya Blakey, known better to fans as That Crazy Disney Lady, streamed her visit to the Magic Kingdom with her friend, Robin DePaolo.

During the stream, DePaolo was shown to experience shortness of breath, high blood pressure, and ‘severe vomiting’ following an allergic reaction to a brownie. She also ignored a medic’s advice to seek treatment at a hospital.

You can watch part of the Magic Kingdom livestream for yourself below:


Although she didn’t believe her reaction was serious enough for her to use her EpiPen, DePaolo did decide to get checked out at a medic station and also took a Benadryl.

After the pair left the medic station, Blakey that said DePaolo was still feeling ill, so they headed back to the medic station. At this point, DePaolo was found to have elevated blood pressure, was vomiting ‘violently’.

However, despite being urged to do so by medics, DePaolo refused to go to a hospital for testing or treatment, with Blakey describing her friend as ‘being stubborn’.

Fans expressed concerns about the symptoms exhibited by DePaolo, with some wondering whether the symptoms could be a sign of something more serious, such as coronavirus.

Blakey shut down these allegations the following day, telling fans:

If anybody else asks about Robin having COVID-19, you will be not in the group anymore.

However, not all fans were convinced that the two friends had acted in a responsible manner, and many felt the two women should have left the park immediately to seek medical help, even if they had believed this to be an allergic reaction.


Further concerns were raised when Blakey and DePaulo appeared to head out to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom the following day, apparently unperturbed by DePaulo’s recent sickness.

You can watch the pair explore the Animal Kingdom in the following clip:

Gamer Jenny Nicholson was among those discussing the actions Blakey and DePaulo, sharing a clip of the two women with her 157,000 Twitter followers. The clip has since been removed following a copyright claim, but has opened up an important conversation about corporate responsibility.

Rather than heap blame on the YouTubers, Nicholson criticised Disney World for reopening its doors to the public too soon, with visitors welcomed back only days after Florida set a new record for coronavirus deaths.

Nicholson tweeted:

I’m sure they’re nice ladies who think they’re invincible and everything’s good. But this is why theme parks shouldn’t be open in a pandemic.

[..] The ‘movie villain vs real villain’ meme but it’s people going to theme parks who assume they won’t get covid vs the theme parks who push the narrative that exposing yourself to tens of thousands of people in a pandemic can be safe because they want money.

Disney World, Florida is the first US Disney resort to reopen, with Disneyland California having delayed planned reopening following a resurgence of the virus.

Florida saw a record high of 188 coronavirus deaths on Friday, July 10, sparking fresh concerns for a state which has seen one of the most severe outbreaks of coronavirus in the US.


UNILAD spoke with Blakey about the incident, which has led to her and DePaulo receiving death threats.

According to Blakey, neither of them had been sick, and neither had they had ‘any COVID-19 symptoms’:

We were having a normal day like every other day. Having fun and enjoying our favourite Disney park, Magic Kingdom.

We were having lunch at Skipper canteen when robin took a bite of my dessert. It had cashew. We were wrong to not get a clarification of ingredients that was our only mistake.

I immediately took her to the medical office on Disney property where she was well taken care of by the nursing staff.

As she felt her throat starting to close from the allergic reaction to the tree nuts she got an anxiety attack which increased her blood pressure sky high and and she became nauseous and threw up.

After sitting for a while, DePaulo’s blood pressure reportedly returned to normal and she felt ‘much better’. The friends then left the park and headed home.


Blakey went on to explain that this wasn’t the first time DePaulo had experienced an allergic reaction, and she knew how to handle her symptoms and how to make herself comfortable.

Blakey continued:

Once we got home she got cleaned up and we went back out end of story we never have been sick it was an allergic reaction Benadryl helped and we went on about our merry way.

Nothing more nothing less. People will continue to question how we handle things and that’s fine because no one will ever see eye to eye on the situation.

But the bottom line is someone stole parts of the footage from the live stream splice it together to make their own video to make it appear as if we were sick with COVID-19 symptoms and frolicking in the parks spreading the disease to other people which is a 100% lie.

Furthermore whoever created the video on the Twitch platform it had gotten picked up by a large YouTube or who posted it all over Twitter and then it became viral and personal attacks began on Robin and I to include death threats. This has got to stop.

It’s okay to not panic about everything going on in the world right now. LADbible and UNILAD’s aim with our campaign, Cutting Through, is to provide our community with facts and stories from the people who are either qualified to comment or have experienced first-hand the situation we’re facing. For more information from the World Health Organization, click here.

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