Disturbing Details Revealed About North Korea’s Firing Squads

Reuters / PA

Nobody on God’s green earth needs reminding that North Korea is one helluva horrific country, but new reports from defectors prove just how truly barbarous the entire state is.

Former North Korean residents have exclaimed that the nation has carried out public executions in school yards for everything from watching South Korean television to prostitution and theft – even for something as small as the robbery of rice.

Witnesses to these heinous crimes have also claimed that guards often beat their victims to death because they believed they’re ‘not even worth wasting bullets on’, according to the Daily Mail.


The report, carried out by the non-government affiliated Transitional Justice Working Group, who interviewed 375 North Korean defectors over the past two years, claimed that a ‘bad family background’ massively effected the chance of being executed in public.

The group, which consists of countless human rights activists and researchers aims to record just where public killings and mass burials take place.

The group added:

The maps and the accompanying testimonies create a picture of the scale of the abuses that have taken place over decades.

The report, coming just a month after the tragic death of 22-year-old American, Otto Warmbier, is funded by the U.S. Congress.