Disturbing Discovery Made In Picture Taken Inside Southwest Plane

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A disturbing discovery has been made form a picture taken inside the Southwest Airlines plane which suffered a major engine failure this week, leading to the death of a passenger.

Mother-of-two Jennifer Riordan died after being partially sucked through a window of the Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 on Tuesday morning (April 16), when its engine exploded mid-air.

The Boeing 737-700 had left New York’s La Guardia airport and was on its way to Dallas, Texas when the explosion happened, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing.

plane window breaksMarty Martinez/Facebook

Passengers have since been sharing footage and photos from the incident on social media with one image showing something particularly horrifying.

One of the 143 passengers, Marty Martinez, shared a series of photos in a public Facebook post including one which showed that oxygen masks had dropped from the cabin ceiling during the terrifying event.

Taking a selfie, which is troubling enough considering the situation, Martinez and fellow passengers can be seen clutching the masks to their faces.

Marty Martinez/Facebook

However, former flight attendant-turned-television show host, Bobby Laurie, pointed out on Twitter, pretty much everyone in this photo isn’t wearing their mask properly.

This is because they’re only covering their mouths, when their noses need to be under the mask too.

Laurie wrote on Twitter:

PEOPLE: Listen to your flight attendants! ALMOST EVERYONE in this photo from Southwest Airlines FLight 1380 today is wearing their mask WRONG.

Put down the phone, stop with the selfies… and LISTEN. Cover your NOSE AND MOUTH!

With the engine failure happening when the plane was at around 31,000 feet in the air, its estimated passengers had about 30 seconds to put their mask on.

During an emergency, having a flow of oxygen is crucial to ensure the passengers don’t pass out. This could result in them being unable to evacuate – it could be the difference between life and death, hence why it’s emphasised in the safety instructions, passengers put on their masks properly.

According to Quizlet, Southwest Airlines do stress in their instructions to place the oxygen mask over the ‘nose and mouth’ saying:

If needed, four oxygen masks will drop from the compartment overhead. To activate the flow of oxygen, pull down on the mask until the plastic tubing is fully extended. Place the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe normally.

Secure the mask with the elastic strap. Although oxygen will be flowing, the plastic bag may not inflate. Continue wearing the mask until otherwise notified by a crew member. If you are traveling with children or anyone needing special assistance, put on your mask first.

Southwest jet emergency landing

EMERGENCY LANDING: A Southwest Airlines jet from NYC made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after a part went through a window. At least one woman is reportedly critically injured.THE LATEST: http://bit.ly/2JRckPcFOX5NY

Posted by FOX 5 / Fox5NY.com on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

It’s believed the engine failure happened not long after take off, with a piece of shrapnel flying off from the engine hitting and piercing a cabin window.

The sudden and violent depressurisation caused Riordan to be partially sucked through the hole, leaving other passengers scrambling to pull her back inside.

The plane was then forced to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport at around 11.20am.

An investigation into the incident is currently underway.

Our thoughts are with Riordan’s friends and family.

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