Disturbing Moment Groom Loses His Sh*t And Slaps Bride Goes Viral


It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but this poor bride was left on the verge of tears when her groom showed his true colours at their wedding.

In footage that has gone viral, the playful bride is fed a piece of cake by her husband, she then jokingly teases the groom with a forkful of cake but sadly he completely loses his shit.

The man aggressively slaps her hand away leaving her visibly shaken, in pain, and likely questioning the commitment she has just made.


And that’s how he behaves when cameras are present – what a cunt…


As reported by The Sun, the origins of the video are as yet unconfirmed.

You have to feel for the poor girl in the video – hopefully her future pans out brighter than this video seemingly forecasts.