Disturbing Photos Show Christina Grimmie’s Killer Stalking Her Before Attack


Photos have revealed Christina Grimmie’s murderer lurking in the Orlando concert crowd before The Voice star was shot dead.

Grimmie died in June after 27-year-old James Loibl shot the singer twice in the head and chest after waiting to meet her after her Orlando concert.

Newly released images of the crowd show Loibl standing at the back of the hall, with bystanders around him unaware he was armed with two handguns and a hunting knife, reports the Daily Mail.

Orlando Police Dept.

Loibl patiently queued to meet the performer, but as she attempted to greet him with a hug he opened fire.

Grimmie’s brother Mark witnessed her murder from a merchandise table having performed on stage with her as a guitarist.


He recalled to the Orlando Sentinel how Loibl stood out from the teenage crowd due to his aged appearance.

Mark commented:

Christina never judged anyone, so it didn’t matter what someone looked like or if they acted weirdly, she just had this way with people. Everyone loved her and we literally never had a problem with any fan. Nothing…

I wasn’t afraid. There wasn’t any time for fear. It was my first instinct to tackle him, so that’s what I did. I looked and she was on the floor and I just remember screaming bloody murder and jumping on him, then hitting him.

Despite being tackled Loibl managed to kill himself with a gunshot to the head.

Orlando Police Dept.
Orlando Police Dept.

Police have also released images of Loibl’s bedroom where foil was used to prevent light entering from the windows.

Authorities have also reportedly been unable to retrieve a hard drive removed from Loibl’s computer and hidden ahead of the attack.

Orlando Police Dept.
Orlando Police Dept.

As a result the motive for Grimmie’s tragic killing remains unclear, but Loibl has been labeled by police as a ‘deranged fan.

He was allegedly convinced that he was the perfect match for Grimmie due to their shared love of gaming.