Divers Find Drug Submarine In Search For Pablo Escobar’s £50 Billion Fortune

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Two former CIA agents on the hunt for Pablo Escobar’s missing £50 billion fortune believed they ‘found one of his smuggling subs’.


Escobar, the notorious cartel chief, earned a reported £320m a week in the 1980s and was believed to have supplied ’80 per cent of cocaine to the US’.

In the latest quest to find the site of Escobar’s missing money, ex-agents Doug Laux and Ben Smith have been talking to locals who worked as loaders on the submarine to find out more information.

Discovery UK

The local men said the submarine would arrive at 1am and as soon as they saw it surface, they’d immediately start to feel ‘nervous’.


In the video, the men then offer to take the former agents to the site where the submarine would appear above the surface of the ocean.

Escobar not only used the submarines in order to expand his smuggling operations but to help him make a quick getaway from any law enforcement who were on his case.

Watch the video here:

According to ‘Diving For The Wreck of Escobar’s Submarine’ posted on Youtube by Discovery UK, the drug lord’s submarines could carry ‘up to 2,000kg of cocaine’ into the waters off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Loaders then allegedly stacked the drugs onto waiting speed boats before driving them over to Miami.

During the programme, we see one of the local men taking the agents to the site where the submarine would surface. They then send a diver into the waters to see what they could find down in the depths.

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Laux and Smith get taken off on a boat to a site which was known about for a number of years, but had recently been uncovered by a storm which had moved the sand onto the seabed.

The clip shows an expert scanning the water to find out if there’s anything of interest using magnetic signals.

During the scan, there’s a ‘jump in the readings’, where the water isn’t clear, so the former agents send a diver in to check it out.

Discovery UK

Using underwater cameras the divers find lots of metal and a box but not the treasure they were looking for, much to the team’s disappointment.

They put it down to the shifting seabed on the equator which meant the wreckage would have moved.

Discovery UK

Escobar was shot in the leg and torso, before receiving a fatal gunshot through the ear by drug enforcement agents in Colombia, in 1993.

He and his bodyguard had tried to escape over rooftops before they were both killed.

Escobar was said to be responsible for the killing of thousands of people, which included politicians, civil servants, journalists and general citizens.

Assisting in the hunt for Escobar were two American Drug Enforcement agents – Steve Murphy and Javier Peña – their story inspired the hit 2015 Netflix series Narcos.


The search for Escobar’s lost fortune continues….

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