DJ Khaled Gets Lost At Sea On His Jet Ski – Snapchats The Whole Experience


DJ Khaled caused a minor Twitter storm earlier today after he briefly got lost at sea after having lunch at Rick Ross’ house. 

Anyone who follows the record producer and general source of amusement on Snapchat knows how much he loves getting about on his his jet ski, but it looks like things went a little off course for him after lunch when he got lost in the dark on his way home from the rapper’s house.

Fortunately for everyone, Khaled is safe and sound and thankfully he broadcast the whole ordeal on Snapchat. “It’s dark, and in a minute there ain’t gonna be no lights to navigate us where we need to go,” he said in one video. “The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark,” he advised in another.

After finding his way home, the one-of-a-kind fella summarised the experience in typical DJ Khaled fashion stating “It feels good to be back on the pathway to more success.”

Glad he’s safe and sound, we would’ve missed all the comedy gold he comes out with if he’d ended up lost at sea.