DMV Employee Dressed Up As A Sloth For Halloween

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Nov 2018 21:39
DMV employee dresses up as a sloth for Halloween.DMV employee dresses up as a sloth for Halloween.Paolo Ramos/Jeff Dinter/Reddit

There’s been some scarily good costumes this Halloween season, from Banksy’s shredded painting to a truly inspired take on Nessa from Gavin & Stacey.

However, there are very few attempts which have been able to match the outfit put together last year by a good humoured Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) worker from Southern California.


For those who are yet to see the BAFTA winning animated movie Zootopia (2016), the cast of anthropomorphic mammals includes Flash, a sloth known to be the ‘fastest’ of the sloth workers at the wittily named Department of Mammal Vehicles (DMV).

The film was of course poking fun at the supposed slowness of the human-world DMV, joking how the department may as well be ran by a motley crew of lazy sloths.

And so it was on Halloween 2017, an unnamed DMV worker decided to have a little jest at the reputation of their snail pace workplace, dressing head-to-three-toes as Flash himself.


This worker went all out, and has certainly made my own glittery cat ears feel a little basic. Clad in Flash’s green short-sleeved shirt and diagonally striped tie, the employee wore a mask which perfectly captured Flash’s snoozy eyes and barely awake expression.

The photo quickly went viral, with many people admiring the employee for being able to have a little giggle about the stereotype of his job and workplace.

And, as Halloween 2018 crept up on us – much too quickly for my liking – images of the DMV worker went viral once again, setting a very high standard indeed for those dressing up for work.


A man by the name of Jeff Dinter took the now legendary picture while at the Clairemont DMV on the morning of October 31, 2017.

The hilariously costumed employee had reportedly been taking appointment check-ins at the time the image was captured, looking uncannily like the slow-to-laugh, animated character he was channeling – right down to the hairy arms.

Jeff’s mate, Paolo Ramos, posted the hysterical picture to Reddit, where it still spreads joy and amusement to this day.

Speaking with Buzzfeed last year, Paolo explained how the costume was made even more humorous by the fact the employee was continuing to solemnly go about his work:


He was doing his job and that was it. [Doing] exactly that made it funny. The DMVs are notorious for being slow.

So whether it was on purpose or on accident, he didn’t have to do much to be hilarious. … Whoever the employee is, we would like to thank him for making us laugh. Kudos all around.

At the DMV this morning in the appt line and my clerk is the sloth from zootopia… this is too funny, but too real at the same time… 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🙄😪😔

Posted by Jeff Dinter on Tuesday, 31 October 2017


People have loved this self-deprecating costume this year just as much as the last, describing it as being ‘so perfect’ and ‘amazing’.

No mystery-solving foxes or rabbits were spotted at the employee’s desk, but perhaps they had already tired of waiting and scampered off?

Have any of your co-workers managed to top this near-unbeatable costume this Halloween?

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