Doctor Forced To Chisel Out ‘Worst Ever’ Case Of Earwax From Patient


If you happen to be eating something right now I suggest you finish whatever is in your mouth before carrying on with this article. If the headline hasn’t given you a hint yet – what you’re about to watch is pretty gross.

In what should be used as a public service announcement for cleaning your ears, an audiologist provided up-close footage of the worst case of earwax that he’s ever come across in his career.

Nell Raithatha, from Leicester, claims to have spent at least 10 minutes chipping away at a huge amount of yellow clutter inside a patient’s ear.

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Normally the procedure only takes five minutes to complete but due to the overabundance of wax which had built up in the patient’s ear – who has also mercifully remained anonymous – it took Raithatha longer than expected.

This was due to the wax being wedged so deep inside that it could not be sucked out like normal.

Instead, a much more radical approach was required, which resulted in Raithatha using a hook to reach down into the ear to scrape out the solid wax.


Speaking to MailOnline, Raithatha, who has 43,000 subscribers on YouTube, said:

This client had extremely stubborn and impacted earwax.

It’s not a serious health risk, except that a person’s hearing can be so badly affected they can no longer hear important environment sounds, such as oncoming traffic.

It would have been impossible for the patient to remove the earwax by themselves because it was so severely impacted.

Usually, earwax will fall out by itself however it is not uncommon to find cases where it blocks the earholes. It just happened that in this patient’s case it was severe.

He went on to say:

Also it is not safe to do it by yourself and it should always be done by a professional.

The whole procedure took me 10 minutes, which is rare. It normally only takes two or three.

It was certainly the worst case of earwax build-up I have ever seen, and the patient was shocked by how much had come out.

I believe the build-up came from years of accumulation and frequent use of cotton buds which is not advisable as it pushes the earwax further into the ear canal.

In July 2017 footage emerged on YouTube of a woman having an enormous clump of earwax removed from her right ear. The wax itself appeared to be painfully hard and tough in texture and was wedged deeply in the poor lady’s ear.

While her identity remained hidden she may not appreciate the video was watched over 3.5 million times. I suppose she could take solace in the fact her ear is now famous though, I highly doubt she does.