Does This NASA Footage Show A UFO Hovering Over The Moon?


Let the conspiracy theories run riot – UFO hunters claim to have found a secret U.S government spacecraft in a picture taken during an Apollo moon mission.

The images – taken on the 1969 Apollo 12 mission – allegedly show three strange lights hovering over the surface of the moon, reports the Mirror.

Apollo 12 was the sixth manned flight in the U.S Apollo program and was the second to land on the moon.

UFO conspiracy theorists Secureteam believe the craft is a TR3-B ‘Black Manta’ – part of a super secret ‘black project’ surveillance aircraft developed by the U.S Air Force.

Similar crafts have reportedly been seen by UFOlogists over Antelope Valley – an area of desert in southern California – and one person has even submitted alleged dashcam footage of one of the craft in the night sky.

The truth seekers even released a video analysing the footage and many commenters agree that the U.S government is hiding the existence of extraterrestrials.


One wrote:

Why do we need a space program that’s not providing true findings?

They will not investigate anomalies, they will not give true analysis of strange features – they blur and cover over artefacts on both the moon and Mars.

However, many others doubt that the images prove anything with one making the point:

Is it thought that alien space craft have navigation lights?

I would have thought that light recognition would have been the last thing they would have wanted, as there is so much talk about concealment used by these beings.


As usual with these reports it’s easy for people to believe what they want from them – is it an alien spacecraft, a secret U.S surveillance ship or nothing?

It seems more likely that the upcoming combined mission to Mars will provide some actual results about life in the universe.

The truth is out there people.