Dog Accidentally Pulls Girl’s Top Down While She’s Livestreaming

ninaInstagram/Nina Nelson

Wow, this may just be the most unfortunate thing to happen to ever a blogger whilst streaming live, ever.

But it did.


Viral Thread have reported that Nina Nelson’s pet, just did the most embarrassing thing to her, whilst she was in full flow of her vlog.


Yup, her lovely little canine, who she’d do anything for, just did the unspeakable.

That’s right. Pulled her top down, revealing her nipple to the world.

Poor girl.

Here’s the cringeworthy footage:

Wow, unlucky for her, but lucky for her followers, who would have watched this accident unfolding, giving them a little extra treat- and a lot more than they bargained for.

You can always rely on your furry critter to pop up at the most inappropriate of times and cause some havoc, but this really is taking the, er, (dog) biscuit. (Sorry.)

Comment "Never Have I Evers" for a vid we are gonna film.? Lets get funny.

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This man’s best friend, wouldn’t have been any the wiser over what he’d done though, as he was just going in for a bit of love and to play with her hair.



I think the situation was made worse by the fact the girl was sitting down ready to do a serious song with her identical twin sister though.


Healthy Snack Hacks up on the channel today!! LINK IN BIO.?❤️

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The YouTube personality is a keen vegan who runs her own channel, promoting healthy eating and life hacks with her twin sister.

It has attracted nearly half a million followers, not including her personal Instagram account.

A lot of people could have witnessed the ‘incident’ then…

Definitely not an ideal situation to be in if you’re promoting how to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle…

Lesson learnt: Make sure your fluffball is well away from any recording equipment if you’re planning on going live…