Dog Causes House Fire After Jumping On Stove To Steal Pizza


A hungry dog nearly unwittingly caused a catastrophe in her home after she jumped up onto the cooker to try and nick some pizza and accidentally switched on the gas with her paw.

The black Labrador named Brookfield, who lives with her owners in Connecticut, U.S., was captured on the home security camera eyeing up the pizza box on the hob.

Then, as the two other dogs in the house keep lookout, the two-year-old canine attempts to steal a slice of pizza before her owners return to the kitchen.

However, things really escalate quickly when the pooch unintentionally ignites the gas burner on the stove and the pizza boxes go up in flames.

The fire actually goes undetected for a worrying amount of time, continuing to grow in size, before one of the home owners finally comes running in from the other room to throw the box off the stove and chuck some water on the blaze.

Unsurprisingly, since the incident, the family confirmed they’ve installed child safety covers on all of the stove’s dials and have also purchased a fire extinguisher.

Writing on YouTube, the man added: “Oh…and we don’t leave things on the stove anymore either”.

Definitely a good call!