Dog Dies After Carrot Is Forced Into Her Vagina


A pregnant pup who had a carrot forced into her vagina has tragically died after surgery.

I’m not sure what sort of a despicable person would do such a thing to a poor, innocent dog, someone did and the shock of the horrendous assault has sadly cost the dog her life.

Little Pamuk – which translates as cotton in English – suffered devastating injuries after an ‘unknown person’ forced a foot long carrot into the small dog’s vagina.

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The case – which is being dealt with in Gulc, Turkey – has caused widespread disgust after poor Pamuk failed to recover from her operation and died six weeks later.

47-year-old owner – Cetin Duyar – who discovered her pet in a state of agony and bleeding after being sexually assaulted.

Sadly, vet Ismail Demircan was forced to terminate Pamuk’s unborn puppies, as he removed the carrot from her vulnerable body.


After her surgery Pamuk was allowed home with her owner, but nearly two months later, the stricken dog failed to make a full recovery and sadly passed away.

Ismail explained how the sickening attack had left Pamuk unable to eat, which led to other problems and ultimately, her death.

He said:

The dog had problems with her stomach due to the incident. She couldn’t eat.

She was constantly on a drip. Due to gastritis she lost her appetite which led to organ failure and finally death.

We can say that the carrot reduced the immunity of the dog which led to other diseases, which finally caused the death of the dog.


Her distraught owner slammed whoever was behind the revolting assault as ‘inhuman’ and revealed his wife -Suheyla – was in too much of a state of distress to comment.

He remarked:

Pamuk was cute and sweet. I really love animals. What can I say to those who do this?

I’m ashamed of my own manhood. If this is masculinity, I do not want such masculinity.

This is an absolutely heinous attack and one which is hard to stomach as a compassionate human.

Hopefully justice will be served to the perpetrator and no other living thing should suffer at their hands the way Pamuk did.