Dog Gets Thrown Over Animal Shelter’s Fence Like It Was Trash



A video of a dog being thrown over the wall of a Spanish animal shelter has gone viral after being caught by cameras and then shared online by the shelter – Protectora de animales Os palleiros- in north-west Spain.

Footage clearly shows a car pulling up and a man getting out with the dog, trying and failing to throw the dog over the wall of the shelter and then receiving help from another man, to finally get the dog over the fence, with the animal landing with a thump on the hard concrete below.

The video has now been shared nearly 60,000 times, with the two guys receiving widespread condemnation – and rightly so.

You don’t have to be an animal lover to know this is point blank wrong, and that the poor dog certainly doesn’t deserve to be treated like that, and frankly, good on the animal shelter for posting the video, shaming the guys and at least trying to draw some attention to the deplorable behaviour.

Police are now trying to find the two men, with the shelter claiming they ‘will not stay quiet’ after the dog was treated like a bag of trash.