Dog Interrupts Brutal Street Brawl To Have Sex With Man’s Leg

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This is the incredible moment which took place during a street fight at an unknown location reportedly in Ireland.

As you probably figured from the headline of this article, as two men were wrestling on the ground on what appears to be an Irish high street, a dog comes out of absolutely nowhere and orchestrates a humping mission on both the men involved.

Make love not war gentlemen, the dog seems to bark as he hops from one man to the other, pounding away at either man’s thighs turning the dramatic street fight into absolute slapstick comedy gold.

Check out the hilarious video in all its glory below:

God damn it Rofus not now ?

Posted by Duncan Thompson on Friday, 27 April 2018

See, didn’t that just make your Monday one helluva lot better.

The video which has since received almost 40,000 shares and 7k likes shows the action in all its glory.

As of yet it isn’t known who the dog belonged to. Whether it was the randy pet of one of the men involved or just a doggo looking for a good time. I guess you could say he was looking to go dogging…

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The video seems to have been filmed by a man and woman who can both be heard p*ssing themselves in the background of the video.

The woman can also be heard saying ‘Oh my god’, before adding ‘what the f*ck’ as the doggo begins joyously humping away.

Just last week, similar news emerged after an Instagram model by the name of Deyana Mounira was being sued after someone filed a lawsuit claiming she was behaving ‘inappropriately’ towards their dog.

When I say ‘inappropriately’, I mean in a ‘sexual’ way. This is an article I never thought I would have to write in my career, but here we are – a story about a model who got someone’s dog so aroused he’s taking her to court over it.

However the issue wasn’t about Deyana getting the dog aroused, it was the fact she posted it on social media after the owner specifically requested her not to.

Hef, the dog in question, was allegedly sexually assaulted by Deyana during a photoshoot at the owner’s house. Hef’s owner, Tony Toutouni – who claims to be ‘Instagram famous’, according to TMZ – says the Instagram model started playing around with his dog.


Fairly innocent right? Well here’s where things get weird, according to the lawsuit Toutouni:

[Deyana] began sensually playing with Hef; arousing Hef by playing with his genitals and masturbating him.

Toutouni’s lawsuit went on to describe how Hef was very much into Mounira’s unusual foreplay, he began to mount and thrust himself into her.

He adds, at one point his canine pal:

… even appeared to place his front legs on [her] buttocks.

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The lawsuit went onto say Toutouni asked Mounira and the photographer at his house to not upload the footage on social media but it showed up on her Instagram account a few days later.

In her caption, Mounira wrote:

Puppy love took over my photo shoot & the photographer kept telling his dog to jump on me.

Grim right.