Dog Meat To Be Banned From China’s Yulin Festival


After years of campaigning, dog meat will finally be banned from the abhorrent Yulin Festival. 

The festival, which takes place in China, has taken the lives of thousands of innocent dogs, but with new laws in place, that should soon be a thing of the past.

A new ban will come in to effect on June 15, just one week before the festival begins, which will ban the selling of dog meat at restaurants, street vendors and markets.

Andrea Gung, executive director of Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project, said: 

Even if this is a temporary ban, we hope this will have a domino effect, leading to the collapse of the dog meat trade.


She continued:

This ban is consistent with my experience that Yulin and the rest of the country are changing for the better. I am very impressed that the younger generation in Yulin and in China is as compassionate as their counterparts in the rest of world.


Any trader caught selling dog meat will face fines of up to 100,000 yuan (£11,202) and could be arrested, according to the Humane Society International.

It’s about time.