Dog On Death’s Door Gets Second Chance At Life



A dog who was on death’s door has had a second chance at life after a good samaritan saw her hobbling down a sidewalk.

The poor animal’s body was infested with parasites that had eaten away at her skin, and her body was so skinny that her ribs were fully on show. She was starving to death, and didn’t have much longer to live.

Fortunately, the kind stranger, who named the dog Kelsey, managed to coax her into his car and got her to an animal shelter as quick as possible, and despite her condition, she was extremely loving.


The medical team at the facility worked day and night and provided Kelsey with all the care and supervision she needed to recover – but a full recovery was a long way away.

However, with persistence, she began to turn into the dog she once was, and even made some new friends in the process.



Today, kelsey doesn’t even look like the same dog, and now has a new, loving owner.



It’s amazing what a bit of love can do. Awesome stuff.