Dog Rescued From Streets Becomes One Of First Police Staffies In UK

Staffie joins police force.Caters

Despite their huge capacity for love and loyalty, Staffordshire Bull Terriers all too often get a bad rep; viewed as being ‘scary’ and aggressive dogs.

However, one plucky pooch is proving the naysayers wrong; making history by becoming the very first Staffie to join the UK police force.

Two-year-old Cooper has a lovely smile, kind brown eyes and has been hailed as one of the best police dogs in his – very apt – county of Staffordshire.

However, the resilient canine has had to overcome plenty of struggles to get to where he is today. Before being rescued by the RSPCA, poor Cooper lived a life of uncertainty and danger as a stray.

He joined Staffordshire Police in early 2018, becoming PD Cooper no less, and has already assisted his fellow officers with hunting down over £250,000 worth of heroin and cocaine. I sincerely hope he has been given a biscuit bonus.

Police dog handler PC Tim Moss explained:

Cooper was on the streets, he was picked up by RSPCA and was with them for seven months.

It’s an amazing story – one day he was in the kennels, and now he’s a fully-fledged police dog.

I have had Cooper since March 2018 and he joined the force the following month. I’m extremely privileged to have him – he’s an amazing dog and we have an amazing bond.

It feels really good to have a staffie on the force.

Clever Cooper is doing plenty to give people a positive opinion on Staffies, meeting members of the public and even attending school tours.

According to PC Moss, the four legged hero is becoming quite the celebrity:

Owners don’t always have experience with this breed of dog, which can be where some of the stereotypes about staffies come from.

The houses that we go into mainly have staffies so it’s a good step to be on side with them. Having PD Cooper when doing a raid because it’s a great ice breaker, people are always shocked that we are working a staffie – as either they have or they know someone who has one.

But it’s weird, I have a Belgian Shepherd too and people stay on the same side of the road when I’m walking him, but when I’m walking Cooper people tend to cross to the opposite side.

Staffies are very unique. I can say with PD Cooper he is very keen to learn and eager to please, he has a very high ball drive, and is very energetic. These are what is looked for in a working dog.

PC Moss also spoke about how PD Cooper has become a member of his family, as well as an esteemed colleague:

When people found out I was getting a staff, they were made up. My partner and child love him.

When I heard there was a staff coming into the force, straight away I knew I’d love to have him.

We have an incredible bond.

Keep up the good work PD Cooper!

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