Dog Walkers Face Fines Of Up To £1000 For Not Carrying Plastic Bags


It is the week of the costly plastic bag, first it hit shoppers, and now it is striking dog walkers.

A council in England has decided to implement new measures to hit irresponsible dog owners where it will hurt most; their pockets.

Daventry District Council will now issue £100 on-the-spot fines to anyone walking their canine without carrying something to pick up its crap from public spaces. This rule will supposedly be applied regardless of whether your dog has done its business, or indeed if it already has and you’ve used up your supply.

If owners fail to pay the penalty within seven days they will then potentially be prosecuted, with fines rising up to £1000.

Twitter has been pretty divided in its response.

The council has already spoken out to defend the policy that will take effect as of December, with fines being levied as of the new year.

A spokesperson said:

These new powers are not intended to penalise the many responsible dog owners, who should be assured that our officers will be taking a common-sense approach on their patrols.

It’s not unreasonable though, for example, to expect someone who has just arrived at a venue to walk their dog to be carrying poop bags.”

Well at least supermarkets will have one demographic content to pay 5p for fresh plastic bags. I mean it is definitely one activity you definitely don’t want to be carrying a bag for life for.