Dogmeat From Fallout 4 Is Just As Awesome In Real-Life


Remember that time a real-life dog was less bad-ass than a digital one? No. Me neither. Because it hasn’t happened.

Fallout 4 is feverishly anticipated, not least down to the fact that you can have a German Shepherd called Dogmeat as your faithful companion. Since his first showing in Fallout 4‘s trailer, fans have been asking questions like; who is Dogmeat? Where does he come from? And what’s his favourite book?

While Bethesda haven’t answered any of those questions, they have released a video of the real-life Dogmeat alongside information on his in-game counterpart. Dogmeat is actually lead level designer Joel Burgess’ German Shepherd, River, and did motion capture and sound for the awesome companion.

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Todd Howard confirmed at E3 that Dogmeat cannot die, although he can become incapacitated, and he will not be the only companion available in the wasteland. You can team up with the likes of Mr Handy, Piper and Preston Lacey among others.

Fallout 4 is released on 10 November on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. German Shepherds sold separately.