Donald Trump Admits That The President Job Is ‘Bigger Than He Thought’

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We’ve all been there; you fluffed up your CV a little, sprinkled the job interview with embellishments and you’ve only gone and got yourself a job.

Congratulations are in order! But only weeks after you get the phone call offering you a new position, you start to realise you’re in a little deep. It’s a scary thought. You may have underestimated your ability and the scope of the new job.

Imagine that feeling and times it by a billion, because that is apparently what’s going through the President-elect, Donald Trump’s head right now.

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Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich told USA Today that Trump was beginning to understand the scale of undertaking the Presidency of the United States.

Gingrich said:

He commented, ‘This is really a bigger job than I thought.’ Which is good. He should think that.

[As President of the United States] you have war and peace, you have enormous powers and it all comes down to the Oval Office and it all comes down to you.

It seems Gingrich isn’t the only person who has witnessed the realisation dawn on Trump.


Reports from the Oval Office insiders were published in The Wall Street Journal suggesting that the future President, who will be inaugurated on 20 January 2017, ‘seemed surprised by the scope’ of responsibilities the job entails.

The article also claimed the billionaire didn’t know he had to replace the full Presidential staff upon Obama’s exit.

While the dust settles post election, Trump continues to create controversy during the transition as he embarks on a ‘Thank You Tour’ of the states where he was victorious with the voters.

Trump recently announced that he’d be taking a step back from his billion dollar businesses, saying ‘The Presidency is a far more important task!’

Meanwhile Trump’s nominations for major White House and cabinet positions – as well as his notorious Twitter activity – have continued to rile up the press and public.