Donald Trump Argues Rape Allegations Are ‘Categorically False’

by : UNILAD on : 29 Apr 2016 20:15

The attorney who represents Donald Trump has categorically denied the legitimacy of a rape allegation made against the Republican presidential candidate.


As reported by the Daily Mail, Trump has been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl at a sex party hosted by convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein in 1994.

Alan Garten, who represents Trump, told the Mail:

The allegations are not only categorically false, but disgusting at the highest level and clearly framed to solicit media attention or, more likely, are politically motivated.

To be clear, there is absolutely no merit to these claims and, based on our investigation, no evidence that the person who has made these allegations actually exists.


The alleged victim, who has been identified at least by name by some media outlets, is reportedly suing the property mogul for $100 million – roughly £68.5 million.

According to the Daily Mirror the woman ‘alleges she was enticed by promises of money and modelling career to attend a series of underage sex parties held at the New York City residence of defendant Jeffrey E Epstein and attended by Donald J Trump.’

The victim claims that she was forced to ‘manually stimulate’ Trump on one occasion, was forced into oral sex on another, and had ‘pleaded with defendant Trump to ‘please wear a condom” on a fourth occasion where she was allegedly forcibly raped.


The complainant also claims she was threatened with violence to deter her exposing the reported abuse.

According to the Mirror her closing court statement read:

[The alleged victim] was fully warned on more than one occasion by both defendants, Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E, Epstein, that were she ever to reveal any of the details of the sexual and physical abuse that she had suffered as a sex slave for defendant Trump and defendant Epstein, that plaintiff Johnson and her family would be in mortal danger.

“The Plaintiff was warned that this would mean certain death for herself and the Plaintiff family unless she remained silent forever on the exact details of the depraved and perverted sexual and physical abuse she had been forced to endure from the defendants.


Trump’s attorney Garten seeked to discredit the claims and believes the allegation may be a ploy to derail his employer’s campaign to become U.S. president.

He said:

This was written on legal paper with margins and line numbers. It’s properly captioned. It has no typos. It has footers. It cites statutes.’

This has all the hallmarks of being drafted by someone with some level of legal background, and this was filed to not leave fingerprints.

I mean, there’s a section titled “material witnesses!” This is not someone with $278 to her name.

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