Donald Trump Claims British Muslims Aren’t Reporting Terror Suspects

by : UNILAD on : 23 Mar 2016 12:32

U.S presidential hopeful Donald Trump has claimed that British Muslims are ‘absolutely not’ reporting suspected terrorists in their communities.


In an interview with ITV’S Good Morning Britain, the billionaire businessman defended his ridiculous proposed ban on Muslims.

He added that the Paris bomber was ‘coddled’, and claimed ‘a lot of people in the community’ knew the California attacks were planned.

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When pressed about Britain, specifically, he said: “They are absolutely not reporting it. That’s a big problem.”


But it didn’t take long for the property tycoon to be taken down for his bigoted comments.

Miqdaad Versi – assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain – appeared on the show to respond to Trumps claims, and dismissed the idea that Muslims were not doing enough to denounce ISIS.

He said:

We’ve had mosques that throw extremists out of their midsts. We’ve had many hundreds of Muslims reporting other Muslims to the police and to counter-terror officials. We have over 95% of Muslims saying if there is any Muslim within their own community, maybe committing an attack, they would report them. Of course there are fringe elements in any community and there are people who have gone to Syria to fight for Daesh or so-called ISIS. They are people we need to stop.

This comes after Trump also claimed that London is so radicalised that police are afraid to go on the streets and there are ‘no-go areas’ around the UK.


Versi added that these comments would only ‘fuel this idea of bigotry, fuel the thing that terrorists themselves want’.

The Republican frontrunner took to the oldest trick in the book to defend his simply racist comments on Muslims, by claiming that many of his friends are Muslim. For fuck sake.

When asked how the Muslim community could do to prevent radicalism, Trump said:

I would say this to the Muslims, in the United States also: when they see trouble they have to report, and they are not reporting it. They are absolutely not reporting it. That’s a big problem.


Speaking about the Brussels attacks in particular, he said:

I knew Brussels years ago. I was there probably three or four times and it was so beautiful, so secure and so safe. And now it’s an armed camp – I’m talking about before this new bombing. It’s a different world, a different place. There’s no assimilation. What’s going on there and what’s going on in other cities like Paris and others is a disgrace – an absolute disgrace – that we allow it to happen.

Trump vowed he would ‘hit ISIS so hard you wouldn’t believe it’ if he wins the race for the White House.

He added:

I would hit ISIS so hard you wouldn’t believe it and I would get the people over there to put up their soldiers because it’s about time that somebody did it. But I would have such back-up like you’ve never seen before in terms of air power, air strikes etc.

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Despite his controversial comments, he wasn’t exactly pressed about them as one of his best buds, Piers Morgan, was asking the questions.

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