Donald Trump Did A Twitter Q&A, It Went Exactly As You’d Expect


Donald Trump, the current frontrunner for the Republican Party nomination for the U.S. Presidency, stopped by the Twitter headquarters in New York City on Monday to answer some user-submitted questions on camera.

Now, either Trump and his campaign team are completely oblivious to how Twitter operates, or Trump’s monumental ego simply meant he didn’t foresee the absolute torrent of jokes and abuse that would be hurled his way when he invited people to tweet their questions to him.

Either way, we’re pretty pleased that this happened because some of the responses to the hashtag #AskTrump were absolute gold.

Unfortunately, those at Twitter HQ opted not to ask Trump about his terrible hairpiece and terrible policies, instead settling for safe questions like, “What would you do on your first day as president” and “What is the key to success in business?”

And, really, who cares about those things? We came here to see some shade thrown in Trump’s direction and, damn it, Twitter delivered that in spades!

Check out the best responses to this somewhat misguided Q&A session below.

First, Twitter users took aim at Trump’s less-than-inclusive policies on immigration…

And then came the hair jokes. So many hair jokes…

Then things just got very silly, indeed…

Can you believe Twitter gifted this to us? First #piggate and now this…


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