Donald Trump Does Something Really F*cking Annoying Every Time He Sits Down


No matter if you love him or loathe him, Donald Trump is certainly one of a kind.

This rogue President tweets his every fucking thought like they’re going out of fashion, he claims he’s being wiretapped with zero evidence, and changes his ‘great wall’ plans day after day.

But one of his more secretive obscurities has been picked up in the past few days and boy is it fucking bizarre, reports Distractify.


The peculiarity was picked up by a Jimmy Kimmel Live fan who wrote into the show to reveal that every time The Donald sits down he has a tendency to move things around when he sits down for a meeting.

Now personally I hadn’t noticed it before, and I presume many of you are the same, but check it out below and I guarentee you’ll be mildly weirded out.

Yeah, pretty weird.