Donald Trump Has A Bizarre Theory About 9/11

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There are enough 9/11 theories to fill a football stadium twice over, but when a building expert gives his views on the matter, we may want to pay a tad more attention.


On September 11, 2001, two U.S. passenger airlines hijacked by al-Qaida terrorists smashed into the Twin Towers, killing 2,996 people.

In the official version of events, the impact caused the 110-storey skyscrapers to collapse within two hours, the Daily Star reports. But for years, conspiracy theorists have argued the buildings were toppled by bombs planted at their foundation.


Speaking about the tower’s demise, the expert said:


It wasn’t architectural defect.

If you know anything about the structure, it was one of the first buildings that was build from the outside. The steel, the reason the World Trade Center had such narrow windows is that in between all the windows, you had the steel on the outside of the building.

That’s why when I first looked at it I couldn’t believe it because there was a hole in the steel. Most buildings are built with the steel is on the inside around the elevator shafts. This one was built from the outside which is the strongest structure you can have, and it was almost just like a can of soup.

How could a plane, even a 767 or 747 or whatever it might have been; how could it possibly go through that steel?

I happen to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bombs – bombs that exploded simultaneously.

Because I can’t imagine anything being able to go through that wall.

That claim looses some of it’s credibility, however, when you find out that notoriously outspoken Donald Trump said it.


Saying that, in New York City and around the world, the Trump signature is synonymous with the most prestigious addresses: Trump Tower, Trump Parc, 610 Park Avenue, The Trump World Tower (the tallest building on the East Side of Manhattan), and Trump Park Avenue, to name a few.

The interview, which was taken on the day of the attacks, Trump says he toured the foundations of the north tower after it was bombed in an earlier terror attack in 1993. He said he couldn’t believe the structure was able to withstand the explosion which was testament to its strength.

Trump said:

The World Trade Center was always always known as a very, very strong building.

Don’t forget that took a big bomb in the basement (in 1993). Now the basement is the most vulnerable place, because that is your foundation and it withstood that.

16061181580_25c0be1a08_b16061181580_25c0be1a08_bFlickr/Day Donaldson

The interview has surfaced again after Trump’s ally Alex Jones – a prolific conspiracy theorist and self-described ‘founding father’ of the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ – used the footage of the president-elect to help advance his conspiracy theory that the 9/11 terror attacks were an ‘inside job’ by the U.S. government, according to reports.

Various reports also say that the 45th President of the United States may reopen the 9/11 investigation, but that has yet to be seen until January, when Trump will be sworn in.

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