Donald Trump Mistakenly Admits That He Didn’t Win The 2020 Election

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Donald Trump Mistakenly Admits That He Didn’t Win The 2020 ElectionAlamy

He held onto the lie for a long old time, but Donald Trump might have accidentally just admitted he did in fact lose the 2020 US election.

Trump’s insistence that he’d won the 2020 election and had been diddled out of the win over Joe Biden led to dramatic and tragic scenes on January 6, 2021, as a host of Trump supporters attempted to storm Capitol Hill to stop Biden from being certified as the next POTUS.


Even since then, though, Trump hasn’t let go of the falsehood, insisting that he was hard done by and did in fact win the election.

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However, in his first rally of 2022, Indy100 reports that the former president let slip for just a moment that he might have finally conceded defeat.

Speaking in Florence, Arizona, Trump boasted about winning states such as Ohio, Florida and Iowa. He commented that he won all of the states ‘having to do with legislature’ in a typically nonsensical claim that doesn’t really mean anything.


Trump Finally Admits He Didn’t Win The Election

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However, it was what he said next that stood out. Having spoken about his multiple state victories, Trump added: ‘The only thing we didn’t win was the election.’

So there you go – an admission of defeat. Except not quite because what it appears he was actually trying to say was that the election was stolen from him by comparing the irregularities in his state victories versus the election.

Elsewhere during his rally speech, Trump decided to bring up the events of January 6 and gloated about the size of the crowd who turned up in support of him on that fateful day. Despite the mob killing several people and injuring scores of others, Trump was quick to praise them.


Talking about the MAGA supporters who’d turned up on the day, he said: ‘They don’t talk about the size of that crowd… I think it was largest I ever, and the fake news never talks about it.’

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