Donald Trump Threatens Ted Cruz’s Wife With This Mysterious Tweet


Donald Trump is here to remind you that you don’t win a presidential election by sticking to politics, you win by lobbing insults at your opponent’s wife.

The Republican frontrunner delivered a cryptic threat to Ted Cruz’s wife Tuesday night, saying he would ‘spill the beans’ on Heidi Cruz if attacks on Trump’s wife, Melania, persisted.

And to make double sure Cruz got the message, he delivered it again in a second tweet.

Trump’s tweets referred to an ad from superPAC Make America Awesome – an anti-Trump group that has no affiliation with Cruz’s campaign – which featured a racy photo of Melania Trump.

melaniaMake America Awesome

While some may actually want to vote for Trump after seeing what their future First Lady could look like, Liz Mair, the Republican strategist behind Make America Awesome, told Buzzfeed that the ads are aimed squarely at voting-age Mormons.

And Cruz, responding to Trump’s tweets, called the real estate mogul ‘classless’.

It’s not exactly clear what ‘beans’ Trump is threatening to spill, but The Washington Post says it’s probably nothing: “Trump consistently brags about having done no polling, and it’s not clear that his team has done basic opposition research, so the odds are decent that the apparent threat may be nothing more than something Trump heard.”

If that doesn’t say ‘moral compass’, I don’t know what does.