Donald Trump To Give Speech On Anniversary Of Capitol Riot

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Donald Trump To Give Speech On Anniversary Of Capitol RiotAlamy

Donald Trump is set to give a speech on Thursday, January 6, exactly one year after his supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC. 

People across the US and the world were left shocked and horrified at the news of the insurrection, which saw hundreds of Trump fans march towards one of America’s most important buildings and force their way inside.


The events resulted in a number of deaths and led to the second impeachment of then-president Trump, but one year on the Republican is still the recipient of support and adoration from members of his party.

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Trump is set to mark the anniversary of the riots with an address at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, with his script for the day laid out in an announcement for the event.

According to Politico, the former president is set to repeat unfounded claims that the 2020 election was rigged, while also defending his part in sparking the insurrection. At the same time Trump makes his remarks, a prayer service will be held at the Capitol.


Through his speech, Trump is expected to pave the way for a midterm election year with himself as the focus of the Republican party.

A Monmouth University poll revealed nearly three-quarters of Republicans continue to believe Joe Biden ‘stole’ the 2020 election from Trump, while a Quinnipiac University survey found nearly eight in 10 Republicans are in favour of four more years of Trump in office through the 2024 election.

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Ralph Reed, the Republican strategist and founder of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, told Politico the continued support for Trump is ‘extraordinary’, adding: ‘You could make the argument that he’s in a stronger position within the Republican Party today than he perhaps ever has been.’


Capitol Riots: Biden To Give Speech As Trump Cancels Conference On Insurrection Anniversary

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Reed continued: ‘In many ways, the party may be moving in a more conservative, more populist and more Trumpian direction with him out of office.’

Alyssa Farah, who previously worked for Trump as the White House’s director of strategic communications, said the former president’s decision to speak on January 6 is indicative that he is ‘still getting terrible advice from folks around him’, The Independent reports.

Speaking to CNN, Farah said: ‘This would be a wise day for him to stay silent, to let those who were victims on Capitol Hill talk about that very important and solemn day. I think instead you’ll hear a very sort of, you know, the tone from him that this was – reiterating the lies that the election was stolen, saying that those who are being tried for the insurrection are political prisoners.’


As well as the prayer service at the Capitol, the anniversary of the riots will also be marked with testimonials from lawmakers and a panel discussion with historians.

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