Donald Trump Tweets A Photo Of Nazi SS Soldiers

by : UNILAD on : 15 Jul 2015 12:32

Donald Trump’s latest super patriotic campaign photo – an image of his face superimposed over the U.S flag with soldiers marching in the background – had one pretty significant flaw.


On first glance, the image posted on the business tycoon/Republican presidential candidate hopeful’s account seemed innocuous but John Schindler, a former professor at the U.S Army War College, quickly noticed something odd about the photo.

It turned out that the soldiers behind the American flag were dressed as elite Nazi Waffen-SS soldiers.

Other military history experts also noticed the Nazi’s in Trump’s latest blunder of a tweet within minutes of it being posted.


Speaking to Vice News, Schindler said:

One of my followers tweeted at me, curious if the soldiers were Wehrmacht. But it’s actually much worse – they are SS. The real clincher is above that on left arm, midway up the biceps there’s an eagle. That was worn a Waffen-SS only. This is the sort of thing German law enforcement investigates.

The Trump campaign quickly deleted the tweet, and blamed an intern for the mistake.

However, Schindler (and everyone else with half a brain) wasn’t buying the excuse.

After some investigation, Twitter detectives discovered that the soldiers in the image weren’t actual SS soldiers but a stock image of re-enactors wearing historically accurate uniforms.

That’s better then…


Oh, and terrifyingly, Trump is actually now leading the polls to be the Republican candidate for the Presidency!

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