Donald Trump Tweets Great Response To Covfefe Tweet

by : Francesca Donovan on : 31 May 2017 12:46

Do you know what Covfefe means yet?

After President Donald Trump tweeted an enigmatic, apparently unfinished statement in the wee hours of the morning, American Twitter delighted in pointing out his invention of a new word: Covfefe.


In the tweet, which was only deleted after being retweeted over 126,000 times, Donald Trump wrote: ‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe’ – Nothing more. Nothing less.


Many observers responded with their conspiracy theories – some dark, some hilarious and some that made as much sense as Trump’s original tweet.

Some thought ‘covfefe’ was Trump’s secret means of releasing nuclear codes to Vladimir Putin. Others photoshopped the word into 20th-century German dictionaries to charge it with Neo-Nazi sentiments. Some worried observers even thought The Donald had suffered a stroke, mid-tweet. Others thought he was drunk, although Trump is actually tee-total.


But the 45th President has now called time on the Internet’s fun with this tweet:

Joining in on the joke, and failing to explain its meaning, Trump has tweeted away the problem, as he is wont to do, totally ruining the fun for everyone else.

Just days prior, Trump continued his war on journalists and the so-called ‘fake news media’, saying American publications attempted to bring him down by belittling his tweets.


He wrote:

Perhaps the whole thing was staged to lure the media into disparaging commentary. Perhaps Trump is planning a controversial political move today and is hoping it will get buried online under the covfefe.

Regardless, the ‘CovfefeGate’ has been opened and the Twitter flood rages on.

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