Donald Trump ‘Reveals Nuclear Codes’ In Weird Late Night ‘Drunk’ Tweet


Do you even Covfefe?

Yesterday President Donald Trump tweeted the enigmatic phrase: ‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe’. The tweet came with no explanation and was left hanging there on the Twittersphere.

The as-of-yet undeleted tweet has been clogging up Twitter trends ever since, garnering 101,000 retweets and 128,000 likes at the time of writing.


President Donald Trump is no stranger to cryptic tweets and elusive language, but when he tweeted late last night, little did the citizens of America know they’d wake up to a world of Covefe conspiracy theories.

Trump’s Twitter has since exploded with CovfefeGate explanations, most of which make about as much sense as Covfefe itself.

In case you want to impress your friends with your Covfefe knowledge, beware: Covfefe’s meaning is about as clear-cut as its pronunciation.

Stretch your imagination and check out some of these Covfefe theories.

Covfefe is the nuclear code

The Donald had a stroke

Upstaging Kathy Griffin

American comedian Kathy Griffin came under fire last night on Twitter for circulating an image of a replica of Trump’s bloodied head after a beheading. Some say this is Trump’s way of manipulating the media away from the outrage.

Covfefe is a Neo-Nazi symbol

This guy went as far as photoshopping his definition of covfefe into an ‘early 20th century German dictionary’. Donald will love this fake news.

POTUS was drunk

We’ve all been victim of drunk auto-correct; you just don’t expect it from the POTUS – especially not when they are actually tee-total, like Donald Trump.

Final words

This dark theory resigns Trump to his own death over a little typo. In the extremely unlikely case this is true, it would make Covfefe his final words on Twitter.

A cuppa Joe

Some think Trump rose early to rule his country and just hadn’t had his morning covfefe.

The Real American Horror Story

One man thinks this marks the point at which the American people started living the real American Horror Story.

Covfefe, straight from the horse’s mouth. What could it mean?