Donald Trump Withdraws Stephen Curry’s Invitation To The White House


Whether you’re a fan of his or not, it’s only fair to say that Donald Trump has got a lot on his plate right now.

As President of the so-called ‘free world’, he’s, somewhat, dealing with a raging war in the middle east, a gargantuan threat of terrorism in his country, and the potential of a nuclear holocaust on the mushroom cloud horizon.

However one thing that has been wiped away from the plate of Donald’s life is a visit to the White House from Stephen Curry as Trump has just removed his invitation for a visit, reports the New York Post.


And how did he withdraw his invitation? In the only way Trump can. Twitter…

Although Trump claims that Curry was disinvited for hesitating, more explicitly Curry, a Golden State Warriors guard and two-time NBA MVP, had openly claimed he was voting against visiting the White House to celebrate his team’s 2017 championship.

So like a bitter nine-year-old Trump jumped in and disinvited him before Curry could choose not to come anyway. ‘Oh you don’t want to come, well you can’t now. Hah, jokes on you’. Oh dear.


Earlier Curry said he would send a message by not going:

That we don’t stand for basically what our president has — the things that he’s said and the things that he hasn’t said at the right times — that we won’t stand for it.

Well you won’t have to see him now Steph.