Donald Trump’s Daily Diet Will Surprise You


President Donald Trump has made no secret of the fact he’s a fast food fan, but it seems rather than being a quick fix, junk food is very much a diet staple.

The president of the United States may be the world’s most powerful man, with five chefs ready to cook whatever his heart desires, but it appears trash food is the only thing on Trump’s menu.

Crisps such as Lay’s and Doritos are at the top of Trump’s daily diet, which are very nutritionally balanced food substances for someone making life-changing political decisions, the Guardian reports.

Vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds are completely off the menu-du-jour and instead a concoction of carbs, crisps extremely well done steaks, make up the bulk of the world leader’s daily eats.

Breakfast is not something which Trump partakes of, but if he does, then bacon and eggs are absolutely what he likes to start the day off with.

Now lunch is where things get really interesting, as Trump likes to chow down on a nice big slab of meatloaf, but not by itself, oh no – inside a sandwich – wow.

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MacDonald’s, KFC or Domino’s are often at the top of Trump’s dinnertime fast food choices, as he sits down to munch on a Big Mac or a hearty chicken wing bucket.

His controversial diet, which largely consists of brown, fried food means his weight is at an unhealthy 236 pounds, putting him in the ‘overweight’ category according to his doctor.

It seems a few people are concerned about Trump’s health and Dietitian Jo Travers had plenty to say to the Guardian about his unhealthy eating habits.

She said:

His high-protein diet can put added pressure on his organs if he doesn’t drink enough water.

It should be half-filled with fruit and veg, a quarter with carbohydrates and a quarter with proteins.

With all those chefs in Trump Towers he doesn’t exactly have a varied diet does he…

At 70 he’s no spring chicken so it would probably be wise for the president to give his lifestyle a bit of an overhaul.