Donald Trump’s Daughter Tiffany’s Pop Song Is Truly F*cking Awful


Donald Trump may have been elected president and therefore deserving of a modicum of respect for pulling off the impossible, thankfully though the rest of the Trump rabble haven’t earned that privilege.

Enter Tiffany Trump, Donald’s daughter to his second wife Marla Maples, who entertained musical ambitions a few years ago when she released Like A Bird (feat. Sprite & Logic).

While other publications have described Like A Bird as a bad song we disagree. It’s not a song, it’s what happens when a you let a drunk into a recording booth and autotune their ramblings.


Seriously while the world was happy to point and laugh at Rebecca Black and her passion for cereal on a Friday morning it was at least coherent.

Like A Bird is just made up of nonsense phrases like ‘shine like aluminium in the club’ (clubs are known for their copious amounts of aluminium foil) and ‘you’re cute and tweeting me, baby you go, beep, beep, beep’.

As you’d expect Like A Bird flopped and flopped hard not even garnering the so bad its good notoriety of Rebecca Black’s similar vanity project Friday.


Thankfully Tiffany took the hint and rather than inflicting more autotuned bombs on us (The U.N. would have had to get involved) she decided to focus her efforts elsewhere.

Tiffany’s since graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (an Ivy League school) in sociology and urban studies, interned at Vogue and been a model during New York Fashion Week.

If you’d like to help Tiffany realise her dream though you can buy it for 99 cents on Amazon and iTunes, so why not make a billionaire’s dreams come true.