‘Donald Trump’s Tombstone’ Probably A Fake

by : UNILAD on : 28 Mar 2016 10:27
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Disappointingly, it now looks like photographs of a prank tombstone for Donald Trump were probably photoshopped.


The tombstone, which ‘popped up’ in Central Park, appeared to be engraved with Trump’s name and the epitaph: “Made America Hate Again” – a take on his campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again”.

It also featured the Presidential candidate’s birth-date, although stopped short of adding his death year reports the Daily Mail.

Several media outlets reported that the grave was spotted by multiple passers by, but park officials told Mail Online they saw the photo of it online ‘ages ago’.


They checked, but said they had never seen it in the park and the park ranger who was stationed there hadn’t seen it either.

It’s pretty unsurprising something like this has happened – the media mogul’s campaign has been – quite fairly –  slammed as ‘divisive’ and ‘fuelled with hate’.

However, it’s not just north of the border that people are wishing unpleasantness on Trump, in Mexico, angry citizens have taken their disdain for the bizarre racist one step further.

Their Easter celebrations included burning effigies of Trump, whose anti-immigrant views have, understandably, sparked outrage south of the border.

In Mexico City hundreds of riled-up residents shouted ‘death’ and various other insults as a grinning papier-mâché mock-up of Trump – complete with blue blazer, red tie and trademark blonde hair – was burned to a crisp.


You can see their point.

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