Someone Replaced Donald Trump’s Wikipedia Photo With A Penis

Portrait of President from Donald Trumps' Wikipedia Getty

Hackers changed Donald Trump’s Wikipedia picture to one of an actual penis on Thanksgiving, which is an insult to penises everywhere.

The online prank served to confuse Apple’s Siri, which flashed the photo to any unsuspecting surfers on Thanksgiving who may have been searching for information on the 45th President of the United States.

Anyone who was enjoying mild political debate, perhaps with an older relative or family member or particularly Conservative friend, may have wanted to dish the dirt on Donald.

Needless to say, a quick online search of his most controversial moments might have been in order for some well-informed debate.

Instead, upon asking Siri about the 72-year-old businessman’s back story, they were completely shafted in their quest for information, after Donald Trump’s Wikipedia was turned into a hive of scum and villainy. Even more so.

Replacing the portrait of POTUS was a penis, reports The Verge.

Hackers Replace Donald Trump's Wikipedia Picture With Image Of PenisWikipedia

It was assumed hackers were either editing the Wikipedia page associated with Donald Trump, or gaming the algorithm Siri uses to source images.

The result: They made the Siri digital assistant believe President Donald Trump is a penis on and off for a good 24 hours.

On November 23 there were ‘multiple editors complaining that the tooltip is wrong’. Only a few hours later, a whole different kind of tip was presenting a problem, and the account was noted as ‘compromised’.

Hackers Replace Donald Trump's Wikipedia Picture With Image Of PenisWikipedia

Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page history shows consistent d*cking around from the pranksters, finally put to bed by an editor due to ‘Persistent disruptive editing’.

On November 24, when the hacking began, they wrote:

Changed protection level for “Donald Trump”: Persistent disruptive editing: I am full protecting the page for 3 hours to stop this wave of disruption. We need to restore the EC protection as soon as the full protection expires.

An editor from Wikipedia spoke to The Verge over direct message to confirm ‘vandalism’ was at play.

The editor stated:

They have now been blocked indefinitely.

This is just the tip of the vandalism iceberg as far as Trump is concerned.

Twice, has Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame been destroyed by vandals, first damaged in late 2016, when LAPD were called in to investigate after it had been attacked with a pick axe.

The vandal, James Otis, disguised himself as a construction worker so he wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows as he smashed the star into pieces.

Otis allegedly planned to auction off pieces of the star to raise money for for the legal defence of the 11 women who’ve accused Trump of groping them.

Otis was sentenced to three years of probation and 20 days of community service, as well as being ordered to pay $4,400 (£3,300) for the damage he caused.

Police got back on the case earlier this year after the star was heavily vandalised once again in July, with footage showing debris and rubble scattered all over the pavement.

No one tried to stop the vandal. Maybe it was because he was swinging a pickaxe? Maybe no one objected to what they were doing in the first place?

Meanwhile, you can buy toilet paper to take a ‘dump with Trump‘ and get a Donald Trump bog brush, if you prefer your protests to be more personal.

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