Don’t Panic, But There’s A ‘Giant Underwater Alien City’ In Mexico


Have we found proof of an ancient underwater alien city?


Probably not. But what is it?

A newly discovered 76-mile long ‘city’ has been found 45 miles away from the Mexican coast in the Gulf of California. Or at least that’s what UFOlogist, Scott C Waring, has claimed – and he’s even offered his ‘expert’ opinion on the photo.


Through a video uploaded to YouTube before making its way onto Scott’s website, the UFOlogist uses Google Earth to pinpoint the exact location of the ‘alien city’- and it’s got conspiracy theorists very excited.

The video starts with a Google Earth view of the planet before zooming into the gulf of California, and then pinpointing where the alleged (or if you ask Scott, definite) base could be.

What are the chances of this being an intelligently made structure, you ask? Well, Scott C Waring puts that at 100 per cent – despite his previous alien findings turning out to be a carrier bag, a water tower, and a shadow in the water on Google Maps.

But this time he’s 100 per cent sure you guys.


The blogger suggests it needs to be checked out with some submarine drones, saying it’s ‘no wonder we hear of so many UFO sightings over Mexico’.

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While the quality of the video, which was originally uploaded to YouTube by MEXICOGEEK, isn’t great, you can definitely see something under the water – but it’s probably just a glitch in Google Earth.

Luckily, this isn’t the first time Scott has claimed to have found an underwater alien base; he’s also announced the discovery of a ‘city sized UFO‘ on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


Then again, Scott C. Waring’s never seen a blur on Google Maps (or Earth) that he didn’t think was an alien spacecraft, so take this all with a pinch of salt – but it would explain all the UFO sightings over Mexico, right?