DOOM Hides An Awesome Retro Secret In Every Mission


It looks like the upcoming DOOM hides some pretty substantial retro Easter eggs that are sure to delight longtime fans of the series. 

Id Software executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin revealed to IGN that every mission in DOOM hides a classic map from the original games. Think the Wolfenstein: New Order Easter egg, but on a bigger scale.

To get in on this retro goodness, all you have to do is locate each mission’s hidden lever, and give it a pull. A jingle will play, and you’ll be granted access to a section of map that calls back to classic DOOM. 

Stratton talked up the attention to detail in the classic sections:

You get to play them with new guns and new demons, but you’ll notice that in the ones that include demons, they’re actually in the right places. We have classic pickups [and] some of the classic music is included in a few of them.

The classic level on display in the video below is E1M2, if you wanna check it out. Oh, but it gets better; Stratton revealed that once you find a hidden classic map, you’ll unlock a full version of it that can be accessed at any time from the menu. Awesome.

DOOM blasts its way onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC May 13.