DOOM Is Being De-Made In Classic Games By Some Modding Wizards

by : Ewan Moore on : 26 May 2016 12:15
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It was only a matter of time before things came full circle – The latest DOOM has inspired modders to revisit the classic games and add a modern twist. 


The new DOOM is a bombastic, over the top gore fest, fuelled by heavy metal and ridiculous weapons of course, but it’s really not a million miles away from what made DOOM I II so fantastic.


That’s why you could be forgiven for not immediately noticing a massive difference in DOOM (4) for DooM, the comprehensive new project from DBThanatos, Major Cooke, and Michaeli.

However, it’s the small modern touches that make it awesome. For example, they’re taking sprites of the new DOOM’s weapons (courtesy of Neccronixis) and recreating their functionality in classic DOOM.


You can check out what they’ve got so far below. The heavy metal is new too, obviously.


Then there’s the DOOM 4 Emulation, which is more of a hybrid of old and new, whereas I’d class the first mod as a demake of the new game.

You can check that one out in a teaser video below. Check out those shiny new textures.


You have to appreciate the symmetry here, really. The new DOOM was actually heavily influenced by a mod called Brutal DOOM, so to see the new game feeding back into the classic DOOM modding community is kind of beautiful.

You know, if flesh eating demons, big guns, and portals to hell can be classed as beautiful.

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