DOOM’s Awesome New Mode Is The Stuff Of Beautiful Nightmares


demo_screen3-fullDeveloper id Software has added a great new photo mode as part of DOOM’s first major update, and gamers are already going wild with it.

Activating this photo mode looks to be pretty seamless, as you can see from the entertaining example below.

DOOM is all about sprinting through levels as quickly as you can, gunning demons in the face and pulling heads off while accompanied by a high tempo heavy metal soundtrack.

As such, it’s a hilarious juxtaposition to be able to stop the action at any moment and take in the gory scene at your leisure.

Take a look at this small sampling from Twitter user (Twitterer?) Shizimi – I sometimes forget that DOOM is actually a genuinely lovely looking game.

And then there’s this brilliant sampling of snaps from Y_NAKAJIMA




But it gets even better, as DeathStalker on YouTube has realised the potential of being able to pause and thoroughly explore a scene in the midst of utter carnage.

The result is a phenomenal video that calls to mind those sequences in the X-Men movies when we see Quicksilver move at super speed.

The world around blissfully still, completely unaware of the mayhem that’s about to unfold at the press of a button. The classical music is a nice touch, too.

If you fancy getting stuck in to some demon slaying fun, you can download a demo of DOOM’s first level now – though you’d need to buy the full game to enjoy the delights of photo mode.