Multiple Fatalities After Motorway Bridge Collapses In Italy


Warning: Distressing Content

The collapse of a motorway bridge in Northern Italy has caused numerous fatalities according to early reports.

Around 100 yards of a motorway bridge in the city of Genoa collapsed this morning (August 14), after a strong thunderstorm and torrential rainfall hit the area.

The structure is said to have mostly fallen onto railway tracks beneath it, but horrifically some houses under the bridge were also hit by the collapse.

Cars and trucks fell from the bridge, and according to the BBC  police sources have said that ‘at least ten’ people have died, contrary to early reports which estimated ‘dozens’ of potential fatalities.

Images of the scene have been shared widely across social media, showing the devastation.

The bridge, known as the Morandi bridge, was built over 50 years ago according to the BBC.

The structure collapsed just before noon local time (10:00 BST) during heavy rain and stormy conditions.

State police shared footage of the incident which appears to show a major vertical support failed as part of the collapse.

The caption read (translated):

the video of the collapse of #PonteMorandi in #Genova Polcevera Morandi

Regional emergencies services also posted images of the scene, and explained that a mass of rescue workers had arrived.

The tweet read (translated):

Part of the Morandi bridge collapses on # A10. The #vigilidelfuoco teams are operating in mass.

The missing section of the road was dozens of metres in length, and ran across the Polcevera stream in an area of Genoa which La Repubblica described as ‘densely inhabited’.

The Italian Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli has said the event is likely to be ‘an immense tragedy’.

According to the Telegraph, a witness called Davide Ricci explained what happened to the bridge.

He said:

First the central pylon crumbled, then the whole thing came down.

The debris from the collapse came to within 20 metres of my car.

Italian media reports have explained that the first people who were injured in the incident have been saved from the rubble and taken to hospital.

A video shared on Instagram shows people searching for victims and working to free people from crushed cars below the motorway:

#crollo #ponte #genova #adesso #now

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Terrifying images show the collapsed bridge, and the drop and debris below.

One person shared an aerial view of the bridge, writing:

OMG. An aeral view of the tragedy in #Genoa, where a major motorway bridge has collapsed. This is appalling.

People have been sharing their thoughts for those affected by the tragedy.

One person wrote:

what happened in #Genova is so heartbreaking and scary. thinking of all the victims

Another added:

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims caught up in the horrific Genoa bridge collapse

Our thoughts are with all those involved.

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