Dr Pimple Popper Has Some Serious NOPE Competition

by : UNILAD on : 10 May 2016 16:37

Dr Pimple Popper – AKA Dr Sandra Lee – may have some serious competition in the world of viral dermatology.


Dr Tess has burst onto the scene with one of the NOPEst videos you are likely to see this week.

‘Americas favourite dermatologist’, as her Youtube channel pronounces, can be seen in the video attempting to drain an infected cyst – things take a slight turn when the application of pressure results in some serious projectile pus.

Check it out:


Of all the spot squeezing videos we have seen in recent months, that is definitely up there as a contender for the most shocking.

It looks like a pipe has burst!

Tess explains in the video description that there was a slightly less formal atmosphere because ‘everyone in the room is part of Dr. Tess’ family (in addition to being medical professionals themselves, including the patient). They were there to make a fun video, hence the lightheartedness.’

Hopefully the founder of M Beauty Clinic will keep the videos coming, because this is gold – vile, stomach-churning gold.

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Youtube/Dr Tess Mauricio
  1. Youtube/Dr Tess Mauricio

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