‘Dracula’s Castle’ Is Offering Visitors The COVID-19 Vaccine

by : Hannah Smith on : 10 May 2021 10:02
'Dracula's Castle' Is Offering Visitors The COVID-19 VaccinePixabay/Universal

It’s best known as the inspiration for Dracula’s lair, but Bran Castle in Transylvania is currently serving a very different purpose, after establishing itself as a COVID-19 vaccination centre.

Rather than being lured in under the spell of a blood-thirsty vampire, locals have been drawn to the castle with the promise of free shots of the Pfizer vaccine.


Plummeting tourist numbers and widespread closures over the past year have forced cultural attractions across the world to adapt, and Bran Castle is no different.

Bran Castle in Transylvania, RomaniaPixabay

Known across the world as ‘Dracula’s Castle’ due to its alleged role as the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s famous 1897 novel, the castle has suffered hugely from the absence of international tourists. But now, domestic visitors to Romania’s most famous tourist attraction are being given a particularly unique opportunity, with the castle opening its doors to the country’s vaccination program on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays all through May.

And if the promise of protection from coronavirus wasn’t enough, the castle is also offering free entry to its exhibit of medieval torture devices, with marketing director Alexandru Priscu drawing an amusing if slightly dark comparison between today’s global vaccination drive and ‘how people got jabbed 500-600 years ago in Europe.’


Those showing up to the 14th century castle are greeted by a team of vaccinators sporting blood-soaked fang stickers, with anyone taking up the offer of a free vaccine also receiving a ‘vaccine diploma’ in honour of their ‘boldness and responsibility,’ Reuters reports.

While fans of gothic literature might jump at the idea, others have joked there might be a sinister motive behind the choice of location. One person on Twitter joked ‘yeah not falling for this one,’ while another asked whether the vaccines were being administered by a ‘Dr. Acula.’

There’s actually a very good reason behind the spooky location, and its not just about driving up visitor numbers. According to a recent survey by Slovakian-based think tank Globsec, Romania has the highest rate of vaccine hesitancy in Europe, with Sky News reporting that so far the country has administered enough doses to vaccinate only around 15% of its population. With that in mind, throwing in a free visit to one of fiction’s most famous locations doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea.


Romania has so far recorded more than a million COVID-19 cases, with almost 29,000 deaths from the virus reported in the country in the past year.

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