Dragonball Z In Unreal Engine 4 Is What Dreams Are Made Of


Dragonball Z is the latest in a very long line of things to get remade in Unreal Engine 4, and it does not disappoint. 

A YouTuber by the (great) name of emudshit is to thank for this particular effort. While it’s by no means a polished or finished product (as you’ll probably be able to tell), it’s still looking very promising indeed.

Called Dragonball Unreal, it seems the ultimate aim of the creator is to get this project whipped in to shape and put out as a full game. Provided he isn’t shot down by copyright law, it could be a pretty cool title.

The video below shows off a multiplayer test (and some very spiffy battle effects). The game now also features new menus, customisation options, effects, animations and more, so it’s certainly coming along. Check it out below.

The Dragon Ball Z fighting games were always incredible. Over the top, colourful, and hyper violent – here’s hoping we either get this fan project finished, or an official version gets announced sometime soon.