Dragons’ Den Reject ‘Offered £90 Million’ For His Business

by : Julia Banim on : 26 Jul 2017 10:02
Dragons Den/BBC

A man who was snubbed by the judges of Dragons Den after a heated exchange of words has apparently now been offered £90 million for his health food business.


Birmingham based Marco Hajikypri was fuming when the dragons valued his company, Professional Gains, at below £2 million, even having the confidence to warn multi-millionaire businessman Peter Jones that he would come to regret his ‘foolish’ decision…

Ambitious Marco’s stubbornness even led formidable dragon Deborah Meaden to exclaim: “This is like arguing with cotton wool!”

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However, Marco was not put off by the rejection and now claims to have turned down a cool £90 million for his growing company by a person who appreciates its potential.


He said:

It’s not worth that yet, but the potential investor – Coventry multi-millionaire Jojar Singh Dhinsa – has the vision to see what I could be making in a few years time. Unlike the Dragons.

What a burn…

Dragons Den/BBC

Professional Gains is a website where health conscious foodies can order tailor-made, balanced meals at the reasonable price of around £4.90. Marco’s yummy dinners include Italian chicken with pesto, beef stew with kale and salmon with brown rice.

Marco now owns three units, employing 33 staff who whip up an impressive 7,000 fresh meals every week.

Upon entering the den, Marco was after a tasty £125,000 for 5 per cent of the company, valuing his business at £16 million.

Instead, the dragons sent him packing after a severe scorching…

Dragons Den/BBC

Marco is confident his business has the potential to soar, making the following statement to the Birmingham Mail:

I’ve certainly proved them wrong. I am glad they turned me down now, as I have done very well without their help.

I didn’t want their money anyway, I just wanted their contacts, but I’ve worked hard to achieve success on my own.

I have turned down the offer to buy the business, even at that huge figure, because I want to build it up myself. I think it’s going to be worth a BILLION pounds.

Marco has shown he can handle the flames of the dragons so we’re pretty sure he can handle the heat of the business world.

Go prove ’em wrong Marco!

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