Dramatic Footage Shows High Speed Chase After Model Is Kidnapped

by : UNILAD on : 15 Jan 2016 10:36

Video has been released showing the dramatic moment police chased a gang of kidnappers after they abducted a Chilean ex-model from the street. 


The helmet camera footage shows the fugitive car speed down the streets of Curico in Chile, climb onto pavements and narrowly avoid pedestrians in a bid to evade the police, report the Daily Mail.

The victim was ex-model Denisse Campos – the identical twin of Daniela Campos, the winner of Miss World Chile.


Police were called to the scene after receiving calls from nearby locals who reported hearing shouts coming from inside the Red Peugeot.


But the moment the attacker saw the police car the getaway driver sped off, forcing the police to give chase.


After a while a person in the back of the kidnapper’s car can be seen waving a white scarf out the window and it appears the driver finally surrenders and comes to a halt after one of his car tyres bursts.

Then, in a desperate bid to avoid capture, the driver makes a break for it and abandons both his hostage and the vehicle.


In a TV interview Denisse described her terrifying ordeal:

I went to a meeting in Curico, but everything ended with me being cornered by this crazy guy who is obsessed with me.

He had found out via social media that I was going to be there… and well what happened then you already know.

He is somebody who has quite a lot of money and he called me to tell me that he wanted to give me some money and I stupidly went to meet him, which is when he forced me into the car.


Denisse also later posted on her Twitter account:

For all of those that love me, I had a terrible time, but I am well and now the criminals are locked up where they should be.

Police captain, Wladimir Fuentes, has however reported that Denisse has not pressed charges against the man, identified as Cristian Solis Moraga, and he was released from jail shortly after being detained.

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    Dramatic footage shows high speed chase as kidnappers who had taken Chilean ex-model hostage tried to escape police