Dramatic Footage Shows Mob Torching Police Car With Officers Inside

France Police ProtestsPA Images

Dramatic footage has emerged of a police car being set alight in central Paris after an angry mob surrounded the vehicle. 

The incident took place as a police demo against ‘public hatred’ was confronted with a counter-rally, reports The Guardian.

Several protesters surrounded the car and attempted to break its windows, before throwing a Molotov Cocktail type bomb through the rear windscreen.


Three officers escaped from the car before it burst into flames and were reported to be shocked but not seriously injured.

However the authorities have opened an inquiry into attempted murder in relation to the incident.

Police claim the attack shows the level of hatred they are faced with from youth-led protest movements currently sweeping through France.

Students Protest Over Youth Employment ContractsGetty

Police unions claim about 350 of their members have been injured following often violent protests against employment reforms introduced by the Socialist government.

Christophe Rouget, an officer with the Interior Security union, said he was not surprised by the attacks and that police were facing ‘gangs of urban guerrillas’.

France Police ProtestPA Images

He told BFMTV:

There have been some serious attacks, all the groups of urban guerrillas want to destroy city and town centres and attack the police.

There’s a silent majority in favour of the police. The authorities must arrest the vandals … and [then] we can return to a normal situation in society.

Judging by the footage, it’s just lucky than no one was seriously injured…