Dramatic Footage Shows Moment London Terror Attackers Were Shot


Warning: Graphic Content


Dramatic footage of the moment police officers opened fire on three terror suspects during an attack in London has emerged online.

The horrific attack happened just after 10pm on Saturday when a van swerved into pedestrians on London Bridge, before the terrorists went from bar to bar stabbing people in nearby Borough Market.

The terrorists, who have been named as Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba, shouted ‘This is for Allah,’ while wearing fake bomb belts as they killed eight innocent people.


In the video clip, the terrorists can be seen strolling around near the Wheatsheaf Pub on Stoney Street, a man then comes into the shot and the terrorists run after him and attack him at the side of the road.

Eight officers arrive on the scene and fire ’50 bullets in a matter of seconds’ as they swoop on the men, reports the Mirror.

One of the terrorists runs towards officers across the street, who continue to shoot at him until he is dead. Another armed officer can be seen aiming his gun at the other terrorists as they lie on the ground.



Police have advised the public that in the event of any further attacks they should ‘Run, Hide, and Tell’.