Dramatic Footage Shows Woman Rescued After Falling Down Well Taking Selfie



A woman who fell 30ft down a well after trying to take a selfie was rescued by locals who made a rope out of t-shirts.

The tourist – who was visiting the Junagadh fort in Gujarat, India – decided to pose for a photo and managed to somehow slip down the shaft, reports the BBC.


Fortunately, passers-by heard her cries for help and devised an inventive plan to save her.

The short clip of the rescue shows the woman being pulled to safety after grabbing hold of a chain of shirts tied together. One helper can be heard shouting ‘come on’ in encouragement as she gets closer to the top.


She is finally brought out of the well before she collapses on the floor, understandably exhausted and distressed.

The tourist – who is reportedly Austrian – can be seen asking for water before the camera identifies the small leg injury she sustained during the fall.


Risking your life for the sake of a decent selfie? 21st century problems…